Slim is Fit? Body Shamer? You Need to Read this!


Many times, we see that people mock at the bodies of others. Sometimes the target is the amount of fat one has or does not have, other times, the target is someone’s height or even their looks. People casually call someone ‘mota/moti’, ‘haddi’, ‘chhotu’, ‘ugly’, ‘lambu’, etc as per the suitability. They’re insensitive to how deeply it may impact the other person. It can shatter the confidence of that person and in severe cases, this bullying can even become suicidal. Not everyone is strong enough to fight such bullying and make a stronger comeback.

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Do these people blessed with great figures mocking the ones not blessed with them realize that you have not earned them? Do they realize that they’ve not earned their height or looks either? Aren’t they ignorant enough not to know that different biological processes take place in making a person how he/she is, and those processes are completely natural? Isn’t there a need to become sensitive?

This attitude of ours has also impacted our knowledge of what good health is. Generally, it is believed that a slim person is a healthy person which is not true. A slim person may look great but may also be unhealthy on the inside. Slim people are revered so much that they forget that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for them as well. Even if they try to maintain it or do regular workout, they’re told,” what are you doing workout for? You’re already slim.”

This shows how bad our concepts about health area and how badly we need to change our views. There’s a difference between being slim and being fit. There’s a need to respect every type of body because each one has their own share of struggles. Help others become a better version of themselves instead of letting them down.