Society’s Acceptance? 4 women admitted for drug rehab


Srinagar, January 31: In a first incident of sorts, four woman drug addicts have been admitted to Psychiatry Diseases Hospital in Srinagar.

As per what the doctors of Psychiatry Diseases Hospital have recorded, the drug abuse cases are on rise in Kashmir and a number of  cases of women drug addicts have also been received in past few years. However, most of the women addicts remain away from psychiatrist help due to social stigma.

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Dr Zaid Wani, an associate professor at Psychiatry Disease Hospital said as per a Tribune Report, “It is an unprecedented and encouraging trend that drug addicts are being admitted by their families to hospitals. Drug addiction among young women is primarily due to peer pressure and stress.”

Among these four cases, one young woman drug addict belongs to old city and has been involved in this habit for the last nine years. The woman started taking drugs to relieve stress and gradually became dependent on many psychoactive drugs.

The doctor also said that most of the women were iatrogenic who are hooked to drugs due to some medical examination or treatment. These are prescribed to them by medical practitioners, over the counter availability and use of opiod pain killers.

The authorities of the Hospital also claimed that the drugs are also pumped into Kashmir through black market and the government had failed to check the growing misuse of drugs.

According to the latest data recorded at Government Psychiatry Disease Hospital, Rainwari, a total of 31,137 cases of drug addiction were recieved in Kashmir between April and December 2015. In Jammu, the number is 38,297 patients and among these 899 were found drug addicts and admitted to the Psychiatric Diseases Hospital and SMHS.

Also, the behavior of 213 drugs addicts was violent and disruptive.