State BJP should take inspiration from Amit Shah, put up a united foot forward


To bring some sanity to the coalition government which is veering towards a separatist agenda which is dangerous for peace, and prosperity of J&K, BJP chief Amit Shah has done well to make it clear that the party could end it’s alliance with PDP if Kashmir issue is not resolved. Shah also said that no compromise would be made with national interest just to remain in power in the state.

The BJP chief asserted that the coalition government has come to power only to resolve the Kashmir problem, and to find a solution. If the matter is not resolved then the party could leave the government as it is not in politics simply to enjoy power, he added. Shah also exhorted the party workers to spread the message that BJP will never compromise on core issues, and interest of the nation.

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With Shah making it clear that there would be no compromise on national issues, it is time for the state BJP also to join ranks, and show a united front. It has been observed that BJP leaders in the state are looking in different directions, and the statements coming from the party have less clarity on crucial issues. Either the BJP state unit is confused about how to behave after coming to power or it’s leaders are too dependent on centre to outline their strategy. While majority of them are calling for continuation of the AFSPA but there are few who support the lifting of this law from areas where situation has normalized and militancy is on a low ebb. Critics however warn that lifting this Act would mean giving full access to the terror organizations to regroup, and strengthen their ranks which have withered away in the last few years.

Recently, a BJP MLC from Kashmir claimed that BJP would support the lifting of AFSPA from peaceful areas while in disturbed areas it could be continued. He also said that from wherever the CM wants to lift the AFSPA he can do it. However, a BJP MLA from Jammu region immediately contested this claim, and asserted that the time is not ripe for lifting of the act as terror has been permeated across the state, and peace was stillborn in the country. He also said that BJP government at the centre should not allow any unilateral decision by the Mufti government.

Taking in view the seriousness of the issue, it is required from BJP, and PDP to work as a team but even more important would be for the saffron party to unite it’s rank, and file as they are keepers of Jammu’s trust. And it is important that they do not break it because history will not forgive them for making this costly mistake. They have got a chance in J&K, they should work hard to capitalize on it.