By Roarke

Since the birth of a child parents try their best to provide better education to their wards. But the grim picture of our state’s education system is really depressing. There are a number of issues related to the education scenario and literacy rate in our state which can be enumerated by the fact that the Higher Secondary result of the winter zone was a mere 32%. How this poor percentage does not come as a shock to our government is surprising because if it did matter, the results would have not remained stagnant at such poor percentages over the years.

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Firstly, our state is constantly in mayhem owing to the poor administration and in addition to that government is further degrading the quality of education by hiring inefficient staff.

The quality of teaching is not appreciable in our state which directly affects the students as such teachers remain unsuccessful in training and giving a proper direction to the students. Spoon-feeding them and encouraging the concept of bookish knowledge is appalling. Government should maintain the quality of hiring standard staff without compromising the future of the young minds of our state.

Statistics show the degrading literacy rates in our state and we are planning to further lower the standards by hiring incompetent teachers and supporting the ReTs who wish to somehow save themselves from the screening tests. Should not these teachers be struck off?

What could be the better example than the one which we reported few days earlier when Dr.Shahid Iqbal Choudhary asked simple questions to the teachers and they were unable to answer even those? Wouldn’t it be better to clear the clutter in the beginning instead of sacking them later for incompetence?

What is more disturbing is the fact that candidates teaching in the higher classes have themselves no clear understanding of concepts, because of the enmity with English. When the teachers do not have a command on a concept, they automatically cannot propagate the information to students. In return, the crop of students that our state produces comprises largely of average students. One can simply try and count the numbers of students from J&K who make it to IITs, IIMs, AIIMS etc. The numbers would be countable and that shows how bad a state we as a state are really in.

Majority of the younger teachers in government schools for instance are constantly looking for better options and are hence disinterested in their jobs and if they do not have desire to work passionately for their profession what is the point of hiring them and let them to draw in hefty salaries?

Regrettably if they stumble upon some rebellious student soul who tries to challenge their hopeless methodology, all they think of is hiding their incompetence by demoralizing the student and humiliating him/her by punishment and lavishly praising a specific group. This idea of Punishment Learning discourages the majority of students and eventually they lose interest in studies turning them into brute savages.

Who is responsible for developing inferiority complexes in the students? Why are some students hesitant to answer in the class even when they are sure that their answers are correct? The reason is nothing but the educator who discourages them to a point that has numbed their logic and confidence switch.

If we want to have intellectual and brainy minds in our state we must formulate a plan to throw away the inept chunk of the applicants. After all what how we can expect a student to perform above par when we are not even providing him the atmosphere to think and express his views. Government must adopt a standard criterion to gauge a teacher’s performance and save the future of the next generation.