Stray dogs create havoc inside GCW Gandhi Nagar premisis

Dogs inside Classrooms!
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Yes, this is the condition at Government College for Women, Gandhi Nagar. Dogs can be seen roaming around in the campus and even at the classrooms. The girls studying in the college are petrified of attending classes.
“Dogs can be seen sleeping on desks, when we enter the classrooms in the morning. At times, they enter in the middle of a lecture”, siad one of the students.
The students at GCW Gandhi Nagar, today alleged that there was an increase in dog populace in the premises of the college.
Looking at a black and another white dog sitting underneath the blackboard, a girl at GCW said, “You cannot just walk freely. They might seem to be harmless but you never know what offends them.”
“They are higher in number and probably their presence indicates that there is a dire need to clean the area and get rid of the dogs, at least from the classrooms,” she added.
The students of GCW also said that they feel scared to roam around in campus.
“Whenever the dogs see that you are eating something, they come near and it scares us a lot,” said one of the students having tea near the canteen.