Strengthening counter-infiltration grid, and modern technology can curb infiltration


border PTIThe Jammu police chief IGP Rajesh Kumar has hit the nail on the head when he said today that there was need to make the counter-infiltration grid along the border more strong. In this context it would be ideal that along with using the traditional measures such as fencing, border posts, and patrolling the government of India should start using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, helicopters for faster patrolling, and also other electronic, and satellite technologies to intercept the intruders into the India territory. Unless and until India is able to plug the border effectively, and stems the flow of arms and ammunition, and anti-nationals in the state it would not be possible to curb terrorism in J&K. IGP Rajesh Kumar today said that there is the need of strengthening counter-infiltration grid as desperate attempts have been made from across the border to push militants on this side.

Kumar today was on a visit to Rajouri and held a security review meeting with Dy Inspector General of Police A K Atri, SSP (Rajouri) Mubassir Latifi, SSP (Poonch) Shamsher Hussain and senior civil and Army police officers from twin border districts of Rajouri and Poonch.

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Security experts meanwhile opine that there needs to be a combined effort of the local police, paramilitary force, and the army to plug the borders using latest technology which could also involve using thermal sensors, electric fencing, and even snipers to check the intrusion of terror operatives from across the border. With festival season on the anvil, there is possibility that infiltration bids are going to increase in the coming month before the winter sets in.

Sunil Kumar