Student trainees at Udhampur Hospital made to clean wards


By Citizen Journalist Ehsaan

Parents spend hefty amount of money so that their children can undergo quality training in various educational institutions to gain useful skills and knowledge. But are they aware if their children are acquiring the necessary training or being compelled to do odd chores?

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An example was witnessed at District Hospital, Udhampur when students of Para-medical college who had come for training purpose, were instead directed to clean the hospital wards. Moreover, they are being made to run errands in spite of the fact that Govt. reserves posts for employees who are responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of the hospital.

While, Govt. expenses amount in lacs for these employees, these trainees are compelled to clean  the emergency room, OPD and even windows & doors of the hospital wards.


The hospital authorities have to say that this is part of the lesson for the trainees in order to teach them disciplinary values, on the instruction of the senior authorities.  If such is the case, then on what grounds do the trainees deserve such a treatment under the ‘garb’ of training. This lesson, the method chosen to teach discipline is equivalent to ‘forced labour’. But, no one is concerned to take steps to correct this manner of the hospital authorities.