The suffering still continues


The inevitable plight of this family was told today by the village Sarpanch of Pakhiyan, they are made to suffer because of government’s constant ignorance. Deepak Kumar aka Manohar Lal used to go to srinagar for his work in a factory and during the merciless floods he passed away. The family was informed about it but the body wasn’t sent to them by the government. They had to cover the way on their own ,they left to Srinagar covering all expenses on their own including the air travel fair. “We covered 6 kms in water to reach the hospital” told the Sarpanch of Mishrivalla, Gurbachan Singh. They reached the police station after recieving the body but yet again were neglected by them. “We again covered the same route in water for about 6 kms and there was no help from even the Army,they refused to offer any support and the family had to get the body back without any cooperation from the government or the Army” said the Sarpanch. He was the lone bread winner of this poor family and they are struck with a hopeless fear now. Government has offered no monetary healing to them yet. The sarpanch further appealed to the government that there are numerous dead bodies lying in that area and the matter should be evaluated so that the bodies can reach home sooner.