Crime Free Jammu and Kashmir Highways


INFOGRAPHICThe Highways in the state of UP, and Bihar are most unsafe in the country, and people driving on these roads are more likely to be robbd in comparison to highways in Goa, or a militancy infested state like Jammu and Kashmir. In fact in the hilly states of north, and north east India you are most likely to reach safely home even after a long, and tiring ride as the crime is less on these roads.

As per government data on highway crimes, UP and Bihar account for the highest number of highway robberies in the past 3 years,. Almost 50 per cent of highway robberies are committed in these states which has sent alarm bells ringing in the security establishment. Odisha, Maharashtra and MP follow at the next three slots, and make for 18 per cent of the rest of the highway robberies. As far as highway thefts are concerned, 82,000 such thefts were reported on highways in the last 3 years across the country, and UP accounts for almost 80 per cent of these followed by Bihar. Expert opine that large populations, and long highways in the these two states are also responsible for the high rate of crime as local police is stretched in the cities. Often the police in UP diverts highway traffic during the night through small towns to avoid crime as they are short on staff. Goa seems to have safest highways as the number of robberies and thefts was very less.

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Meanwhile, an interesting study of the nationwide crime data by IT experts has revealed that UP also has the highest rate of murder, and attempt to murder cases, and as such it needs to prevent such incidents. Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh also have high incidence of these crimes which needs to be checked. There has also been a constant rise in homicide cases, and on an average one homicide is reported for every 10 murders.

Analysis also tells that kidnapping as a crime has risen, and the kidnapping of women and girls is nearly thrice as compared to men and boys, and not surprisingly UP tops the charts. The total number of convicts is maximum in Uttar Pradesh, followed by Madhya Pradesh. In fact the states of Uttar Pradesh and erstwhile Andhra Pradesh reported maximum number of crimes against women. Expert suggest that crime data if analysed properly can give an idea to the government and investigating agencies as to what is the pattern, kind, and timing of crimes, and the modus operandi used by the criminals. If the security agencies study these patterns, they can form effective strategies, and train their men to manage law and order in a better manner which will help in reducing crime greatly, they assert.