The Dustbin that is Science College


By Citizen Journalist Vinita Bhat

Govt.Gandhi Memorial Science College, erstwhile Prince of Wales College, is one of the oldest colleges in India. This college has produced some of the most amazing visionaries and intellectuals in different fields. It is located right in the heart of Jammu city. Despite all these things, the largest  college of the Jammu region has failed to provide hygienic and clean environment  to its students.

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Two days ago when it rained all night, next day the condition of this ‘prestigious’ college was terrible and pathetic.

Here are some of the pictures of Science College that will make you question the management and administration of the college:


This is the main entrance of the college which, as you can see from the picture, is submerged in rainwater.


It was not just rainwater , it was filthy and muddy rainwater with leaves, plastic bags and other dirty things floating over it.

science-college-2 science-college-14

The corridors are stinking and there is nothing in the name of cleanliness in the college. Although, we are sure that there are sweepers in the college, but there is hardly  any cleanliness in the corridors of the college.


This is the playground of the college where hundreds of young and budding players don’t practice every day, and well you can see the reason why.


So this where lecturers and students park their vehicles? Interesting!


The canteen is in the most unhygienic condition and the students coming from far-flung areas have no other option but to eat their meals in the same canteen only.

If you think this is the worst part then hold your breath, the worst is yet to come.


This is the entrance of the college which directly faces the Canal Road. Every time it rains, this entrance becomes a huge area filled with stinking stagnant water and mud and filth and the disgust of thousands of students studying at the college.

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