The happy faces, the friendships and breaking the law together


By Citizen Journalist Aishwarya Rekhi 

Jammu, September 18: Who does not love the rebel, the rebel who breaks the law. When friends are together, the law breaking becomes even more fun. For instance look at the six men in the picture laughing all their worries away. Laughing because there is no one to catch them for they are themselves the law-keepers.

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They all look so proud for having achieved the feat of fearlessness. Infact they come as fearless-ready men, because once the J&K Khadi Uniform wraps around them, they become the leaders, leading by such examples.

When they break laws, they become heroes, coming right out of failed bollywood movies but when the role reversal happens and the civilians dawn the same aforementioned rebel-hats, challans come in flying in their general direction.

Alas! No one will catch these men or punish them and they will continue to smile at anyone and everyone who can do nothing to stop them.


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