The ‘not so beautiful’ campus of PHE Dept. Jammu


If our celebrated Govt. also recognized the best among the most ‘aswachh’ places in the State, PHE Dept. Jammu would probably bag the 1st prize. The pictures captured from the Office of the Chief Engineer PHE, BC Road, Jammu support the veracity of the conjecture. These pictures show the washrooms of the PHE office used daily by the mechanical division employees as well as the other local passers and people who have come to the office with their grievances.

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For timely cleaning and maintenance of these washrooms, the employees approached the officials a number of times but no action has been taken as of yet. There’s staff which is responsible for proper maintenance of these washrooms but the condition still remains pathetic. Around 35-40 employees visit this breeding place of bacteria and diseases daily to relieve themselves.

U4UVoice talked to the PHE Chief Engineer, Mr. Sushil Aima to bring this matter to his attention. But instead acknowledging the fact, he refused to recognize the toilets shown in the images and rudely said that these pictures are not of our office toilets.