The real picture of Janipur is a far cry from the claims of Swachh Bharat


By Citizen Journalist Koshal

October 2 or the Mahatma’s birthday is not very far and the municipal corporation like the last two years must be preparing hard for programs around the much talked about Swachh Bharat Mission. It is a shame that Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday week would become a ceremonial period even this year with hoardings with cleanliness slogans getting installed everywhere in Jammu.

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Come to my area, Janipur Ward number 38 for instance. I want to draw the attention of the authorities at the Nullah that flows through the area. Any nullah is a sanitation system, and the one in Ward number 38 in Janipur has never seen any upgradation so as to not become a nuisance time and again for the homes next to it.

Janipur also happens to fall under the Jammu West constituency which is represented by MLA Sat Sharma, also the State BJP President.


I request the MLA on behalf of the residents of Basant Nagar Janipur, for the construction to cover the Nullah as it is open and the dirty water and sewage in the said Nallah reeks of unforgiable stench. The residents of the area are suffering a lot due to the unbearable smell emanating from the nullah not to mention the perpetual danger of the diseases. We, the residents of the area, request MLA Sharma, that the said nullah needs immediate covering so that the residents of the area can live healthy.

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