The Sanitation hoax and sheer wastage of public funds in Jammu


If you are coming towards Dogra Chowk from Jewel Theatre then you might have observed how filthy and dirty that entire stretch is. Ironically, there is an office of Jammu Municipality on this road as well.

For those who still can’t make out which road we are talking about, let’s not confuse them further. To be more precise, we are talking about this road.

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Dogra Chowk is just few steps away from this particular area. This area is one the busiest areas in Jammu as it literally connects different parts of the city with one another. Only a regular commuter can understand the importance of this area.


As you can see from the picture, this road is filthy and smell intolerably. Despite being located right in the heart of Jammu city, the municipality continues to ignore and overlook its pathetic condition.

Heaps of garbage are dumped on this road everyday and are not removed till next morning.


Stagnant water and open garbage is making the place unhealthy, stinking and leading to several health hazards including breeding of mosquitoes. It will not be surprising if a malaria epidemic breaks out in the area.

It is nearly impossible to walk down this road without covering your nose.


The significance of cleanliness and hygiene cannot be overlooked by any society. Every faith and civilization stresses upon the importance of cleanliness and purity, both physical and spiritual.


Authorities should take immediate steps to provide clean and healthy environment to the people of the city.

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