This is what tourists see first in Jammu


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Citizen Journalist Report By Raman Sharma
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Jammu: The park outside the Jammu Railway Station is in ruins.

One cannot just bear the sight of the trash that is lying around the entire area. This park extends to a larger area just outside of the District’s Railway Station, but is lying neglected since forever. The green area, which is minimal, is littered with garbage and dirt. The lighting system is out of order or we can say not present at all, the walking track is broken or literally non-existent and full of pits and the gate and railings of the park are missing. The park has missing drain covers, damaged rubbish bins, and insufficient shady trees to provide shade for visitors. 


The growing litter has made this park a breeding ground for malaria and dengue mosquitoes.

Due to the negligence of the authorities, this park has become more of a nuisance than a facility. Stray dogs and cattle have easy access to this park and it has become a haven for anti-social elements.

Travelers from across the country when reach Jammu, come out of the Station and see rubbish in the name of a park, that is meant to be a recreational spot for tourists. This is what tourists see first when they come to the city of temples.

U4UVoice appeals the concerned authorities to do something about the ruined parkland.