This Lady from Jammu is going to scale the Mount Everest !!


Sangeeta Bahl is a 53-year-old entrepreneur from Jammu & Kashmir who is on a summit to climb world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest. And she is doing it to create awareness for the cause of gender equality and promotion of women’s rights.

Bahl is a former model and Miss India 1985 pageant finalist, who loves mountaineering. She has scaled 5 of 7 World Summits.

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She has reached the base camp, which stands at 17500 feet above the sea level. Check out her LIVE Video from the top

More About the Formenr Miss India Finalist from J&K

Sangeeta Bahl, 52, born in Jammu is going to scale Mt. Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world (8848 mtrs above sea level). She has already reached the summit of  5 of the highest peaks in world continents. Scaling Mt. Everest is the no. 6 on her bucket-list of 7 peaks that she’s determined to conquer.


Sangeeta studied at Presentation Convent Sr. Sec. School, Jammu and completed her PUC from MIER College, Jammu. She learnt swimming at the age of 16. She always believed to achieve excellence in her field of interest regardless of stereotypes. She practiced her swimming routine at Hotel Asia in times when girls did not find it suitable to step out in swimming costumes. Sangeeta later completed her graduation from Sacred Heart Convent, Dalhousie and stepped into the real life after scoring a job in Delhi.


Her interest in mountaineering began when she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa at the age of 46 along with her husband. Since then she has successfully climbed and trekked at the most amazing places on Earth. Her long list of accomplishments include Mt. Aconcagua, Mt. Vinson, Denali, Carstensz Pyramid, Mt Elbrus etc.


In a message to the aspiring girls of Jammu, Sangeeta says, “I left college to do my first job at 17 years against all odds in Delhi for a year and sought avenues to learn. Always be a learner, be yourself and do not stop exploring! Age, marriage, motherhood should never be a barrier for your dreams. Be financially independent at all costs.”


Talking about her inspiration that drives her, Sangeeta says, “It’s a personal challenge for me to beat all odds. I wish to improve with each day. I compare myself to that I was yesterday and strive to become only better everyday. What we learn in real life cannot be compared to bookish learning. It is something else.”


She stressed on attaining satisfaction by investing into something that’ll return happiness. She says,”Spend money on travel and experience the world & life. Live a fit life to enjoy more. When you leave this world, leave behind a legacy of inspiration for your family and the world. Be you!”


Now based in Gurgaon, Sangeeta Bahl is Founder, Director of Impact Image Consultants which serves individuals and corporates seeking help with their personal image and style.


Apart from work and family, she is truly passionate about the cause of Women Empowerment. As an accomplished woman entrepreneur with strong ties to the community, and her own NGO – Impact Women Power Association – Sangeeta strives to highlight the plight of women in India from all wakes of life, and bring more awareness to bring about a positive change in the society.


U4UVoice along with everyone wishes her best of luck from her next epic adventure!