Travelling – “You live when you travel”

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Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times. As they say, “you live when you travel”. Happiest is the person who gets ample opportunities to travel. Those couch potatoes who always like to be stuck up with their beds will never be able to taste the goodness of a journey. Travelling has its own essence which is an unbiased pleasure only if one understands to take the best out of it.

Traveling around will always flood your life up with incredible experiences. Everyone enjoys traveling because there is no right way to travel. There is no way that we should experience the country or talk with its people. There is no correct way to order a meal that is foreign when one doesn’t even speak the local language.

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There are beautiful moments when you only connect with a smile.

There are newbie’s and those afraid of adventure which travels with fanny packs and extra security features. There are the adventurous that leave everything to the unknown. There are travelers right in between, young and old, experienced and not experienced.

We live in a society of customs and expectations. Society expects us to do certain things. We all start to attend school and those that don’t finish are not held in high regard in our society. But guess what? They are still eligible to travel and experience the beauty of it which they will cherish for a lifetime!

Travelling should just not be aimed to escape the life, but to make sure that the life that lives within us, shouldn’t escape us. Finding our own ways, not living up to anybody’s expectations and just wandering around with no aims and focus.

But then, when we say travel, it certainly doesn’t mean tour. There is a whole world of difference between a tourist and a traveler! It is not about the destination, the actual beauty is in the journey. So, it doesn’t really matter where, but all that counts is that we go! While we are measuring the escape zone, we come across such a better version of ourselves, we get to introspect and have a wider vision of life. It leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.

Slipping into unknown lands and then actually knowing that no place is as bad as everyone said it would be is certainly the best way of breaking the monotony of life. Traveling is the best way to regulate imagination with the reality, the best way to know how things are, rather than how things may be.

You will see that a person who travels has so many experiences to share that there will come a point after listening to them you will envy of what they have. So it is very important to leave the shore if you wish to discover new oceans.

Sponging off all the drabness of live where you are piling up frustration inside your head can be given a perfect end by moving up and leaving for new lands. As they say that one doesn’t have to be rich to travel.