Two complex surgeries performed in Narayana Hospital


Katra: Doctors at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi (SMVD) Narayana Super Speciality Hospital in Katra has once again proved their clinical excellence by performing 2 complex surgeries in a span of 3 hours and saving two precious lives.

A 32-week pregnant woman belonging to a far flung area was brought to the Emergency Department of SMVD Narayana Super Speciality Hospital in an unconscious state due to fall from height at her home. She was urgently evaluated and found to have a large brain clot on left side of the brain with mass effect, by Neuro Surgeon Dr Mahander Pall who decided to go for her brain surgery.

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The patient was also evaluated by Gynaecologist Dr Sheemu Shoukat and was found to be in preterm labour with breech presentation. As the patient was in an unconscious state, Dr Mahender Pall, Senior Consultant Neuro Surgery along with Dr Sheemu Shoukat of Gynae decided to go with the LSCS along with craniotomy and try to save the mother and child. Emergency LSCS was performed by Dr Sheemu.

The baby was very critical without any respiratory efforts since mother was unconscious and anesthetized. The baby was resuscitated without delay and transferred to Neonatal Care Unit and put on ventilator support. After 4 days of ventilator support, 5 days of oxygen support and continuous close monitoring by NICU team, baby’s condition gradually improved and was discharged after 19 days without any neurological deficit.

Mother remained in ICU on ventilator for 3 days after which,she was not speaking along with right sided weakness. She was managed by Dr Mahender Pall and Dr Sheemu Shoukat and discharged after 19 days. Dr Anand Yelne, (Consultant Paediatrics) managed the baby in Neonatal ICU and successfully discharged.

Elaborating about the case, the doctors said that these conditions are rare and critical, since the patient had reached the hospital in the right time and right clinical decisions were taken promptly, their lives were saved. “The woman in the last follow up has improved fully. She can walk with no weakness and speech has become normal and the baby was also fine,” they added.