Unforgivable when people wrongly USE Amarnath Yatra for personal promotion


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Jammu, July 21 : The annual Amarnath Yatra brings with itself yatris from all over the Indian mainland to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. They enter the premises of our state and are welcomed by various Yatri Bhawans, free langars and other provisions made by the Government.

However, this period of heavy rush is also used by some influential people to falsely promote themselves as humanitarian people when all they are trying to do is self-promotion in their pursuit of ulterior motives.
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yatri bhawan 1
If you visit the Yatri Bhawan, situated at Bhagwati Nagar in Jammu, a cloak room has been set up for the first time in order for the Yatris to safely keep their luggage in time of need. The cloak room offers services free of cost to all the pilgrims. On probing, a shocking fact was revealed.
U4UVoice went to the Yatri bhawan and found out that an organisation by the name of Aditi Welfare India, has provided the staff present at the Cloak room. The organisation had promised to provide 16 men, who would work to ensure the safety of the yatri’s luggage. What was even more interesting is that these men were going to work without being paid.
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On further inquiry and talking to the authority present, it was revealed that the organisation who had displayed huge posters throughout the campus of the Yatri bhawan, was just interested in the free advertisement and not in the service. Out of the 16 promised men, 9 had reported so far, and out of those 9 only 2 were seen at work. And after 10 p.m. the two men also disappear.
As a result, the room meant for the assistance of the Yatris amid such unstable Yatra senario is causing them even more trouble.

U4UVoice then spoke to the Director of Tourism, Ms. Sushma Chauhan who said that the posters with Aditi Sharma’s face would be removed and the staff that was promised will be provided. Even after the assurances, no improvement was seen. The posters remained as it is, in fact their numbers have increased. Ms Chauhan also said that the posters were removed earlier.
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However, after two days, the posters had again come up. On some posters, the face had been torn up or white paper cuttings had been used to cover the face. However, newer posters had been pasted or in some places the paper cuttings had been removed.