Unregistered pilgrims make life difficult for Amarnath Shrine Board, and themselves


The first batch of pilgrims on way to the holy Amarnath cave commenced via Baltal route in Sonamarg on June 28, 2014. (Photo: Kamran Raashid Bhat/IANS)The large number of unregistered pilgrims visiting Amarnath Shrine in Kashmir is causing huge problems for the Amarnath Shrine Board. Because of this huge rush authorities aren’t able to cater to everyone and prime repercussion of this is believed to be the deaths of pilgrims.

So far 21 people have died so en route to Amarnath shrine—which is raising a question over the arrangements Shrine Board has made for this pilgrimage.

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Most of the people according to information have been died of cold which in some cases has lead to cardiac arrests of people. According to people the facilities provided by the board aren’t availed by all pilgrims. Fuming over this, the pilgrims say that authorities only make claims.

“There is nothing good for us here. We travel miles to visit the shrine but authorities have kept no facility available to us,” says Mohan, a pilgrim. The pilgrims further say that the policies which government was talking about this pilgrimage are restricted to papers only while on ground the situation is quite different.

According to some pilgrims they spend their nights in open even when temperature falls down drastically during that time. “Pilgrims have to bear with the harsh weather here. There are no arrangements for us here,” says Chaman Lal, a pilgrim.

However, for Shrine Board this problem occurred because of huge number of unregistered pilgrims. Falsifying the claims the board has maintained that the arrangements were sufficient for the registered number of pilgrims but because of the huge influx of unregistered pilgrims the whole situation went out of control.

As per the statistics from past 15 days 1, 60000 pilgrims have already paid their obeisance at this shrine – there is still one and a half month to go – and authorities are already worried.