Vaastu Tips for Keeping and Using Shankh at Home


How to worship Shankh at home?

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Conch or Shankh is an ocean-living mollusc, which holds a huge spot in Vedic sacred texts; especially in Hinduism, where the Shankh is portrayed as Lord Vishnu’s symbol. It is accepted that the vibrations from Shankh is able to eradicate any negative energy.

In Hindu folklore, it is depicted that Lord Vishnu, over and over in his different symbols, blows through the conch to pulverize the pessimism around the globe. The Conch or Shankh is Lord Vishnu’s consecrated image and in this way hold most astounding significance in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

According to consecrated Vedic writings, Shankh is of two types-

1) For blowing sound, 

2) For worshipping purpose. 

It is said that one who blows into the Shankh on regular routine is ensured against any coronary illness. In this way, individuals regularly keep the sacrosanct Shankh in their home, yet they frequently don’t regard it the manner in which it is referenced in shastra.

Puja Vidhi of Shankh

A ‘Shankh’ must be appropriately revered by the family and must be blown into in any event two times every day (morning and evening). Here are some Vastu tips that must be dealt with while bringing home a Shankh.

1. On the off chance that you want to bring Shankh to home, at that point get in any event two and they should be kept independently.
2. The Shankh which is utilized for blowing must never be offered water or any religious mantras and should be put on yellow cloth material.
3. The Shankh brought for worshiping purposes must be cleaned with Gangajal and be enveloped by sacred white cloth material.
4. The Shankh which is being worshipped must be kept above or at a high spot from the one being utilized for blowing reason.
5. Never keep two shankh brought for a similar purpose (either blowing or worshiping) in the same temple room or puja room.
6. The Shankh should never be set above Shivling or ought not to contact the Shiv Pindi during any religious custom.
7. The Shankh should never be utilized in offering water to either Lord Shiva or Lord Sun.