Vickrant Mahajan: Leaving a footprint on humanity


Jammu Youth Vickrant Making in to Guinness world reacord

Vickrant Mahajan, a great looking guy in this image is from Jammu. He finished a major part of his schooling from Presentation Convent School (yes, when it used to be co-ed) and then the last two years from Jain School. His graduation is from our very own Commerce College (SPMR).

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Vickrant Mahajan, Jammu Kashmir Guiness Record Writer Actor Director

So we have here a Jammu bred, Jammu born, Jammu nurtured, multi-talented guy, Vickrant Mahajan ,who wrote his first book at the young age of 21 and has authored a total of six till now. He went on to become Mr. India. He has done voice overs for Doordarshan and for NatGeo. Vickrant was also at one time the highest paid photographer in India. He is also a motivational speaker and is often the key-note speaker at major corporate events.

This completely down to earth guy’s energies about now are focused on his NGO called The Superpositivity Movement.

His First GuinnessWorld Record was for the longest speech of 48 hours 31 minutes here in Jammu itself. Just after two months of getting the first, he achieved his Second Guinness World Record for scripting, directing and completing and  a full length movie in 24 hours flat just recently.  He is about two months away from getting his THIRD world record for the longest play.

How did you embark on this journey that you are on with so many achievements under your belt? Jammu is a limiting place to so many of us! What were the inspirations that got you here?

Curiosity has always been my leitmotif. Nothing in my immediate environment suggested that I would turn out to be who I am. My sheer curiosity and interests in wanting to know and refine myself more helped me transcend these limitations.

Where was the venue for your first Guinness World Record for the 48 hour 31 min speech in Jammu?

K.L. Sehgal hall. I don’t stay here in Jammu now but I was here for the event because I wanted to try and set a good precedent for the people here. I keep on visiting a lot of institutions here – Ambphalla Jail, SOS homes, Old age homes etc. I have spoken a lot in Jammu but I like to keep it discreet and I don’t publicise much. My NGO is just a year old and I want it to be more substantive first.

 Before the big things started happening for you did you tread the same path as all of us do? You know, going for a Masters degree maybe, doing a job…

I haven’t done a Masters. After completing my graduation I went to the U.S. for a book publishing course from the University of Denver, Colorado. After that I interned with Penguin Books for six months in New York. Then I came to Delhi and my first Job was with Harper Collins publishers.

All of these however were planned actions. I am from a commerce background and not literature. I was hard-wiring myself for all the problems that would come my way to either go through them or circumnavigate them.

 TIPS from Vickrant for budding writers?

Write Organically: Keep putting pen to paper with whatever comes to your mind. Let them be unstructured. Let your stream of consciousness write for you. Don’t try and give it a rhythm initially. Just know your story, have a nascent idea and let it flow. That is what will create your story, your book or whatever it is that you are writing.

Dont Fear Failure; It makes you better: The title of my last book was Stretch yourself and that is also my philosophy in life. I cannot do less. I can do more and fail and that is completely acceptable to me. Failure is an option I embraced a long time ago and that has been the deciding factor in my metamorphosis. I always knew was I was going to attempt big, fail, but still only attempt big and with complete honesty.

(Also watch Guinness record holder from Jammu, vickrant mahajan in conversation with U4UVoice)

Have A Goal Driven Roadmap: I am a very goal driven person. I give my projects only two to three months. My book- Yes, Thank You Universe was written flat in seventeen days. I did edit and refine it after that but even that wasn’t long. I plan at the micro-levels and have a goal in my vision. The achievement of every goal becomes less difficult if you can plan clearly. You can have daily goals. For instance, I know my third world record is going to happen in two months. I will have to write atleast 1000 pages of scenes for it and that also means at least 30 pages in a day.

If you are an author start by having a title of your story or your book or whatever it is that you are writing. You can tell yourself that you need to write two hours every day. The 10,000 hour rule by Malcolm Galdwell says that In order to be perfect at something you are doing, you need to do it for 10000 hours. If you want to be perfect at writing, you need to give in 10000 hours of writing atleast.

Always tell yourself that you are the best: Let no negativity affect your school of thought. It’s immensely important to know who you really are. For instance, if you have your proclivities towards writing, you would know consciously. I keep talking to myself, like champions do, keep telling myself that I am the best.

Don’t go for shortcuts, it may take you longer to do what you are doing, but when you eventually do reach there and you have worked honestly towards your dream, it would be the best version of what you can achieve.

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