Walnuts can slow the prostate cancer down


Wall nuts

New York :  According to a recent study that appeared in the Journal of Medicinal Food showed that diets rich in whole walnuts or walnut oil can slow prostate cancer growth. ‘While they (walnuts) are high in fat, their fat does not drive prostate cancer growth. In fact, walnuts do just the opposite when fed to mice,’ lead scientist and research nutritionist Paul Davis from University of California Davis.

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How was the study carried out?

What did the researchers conclude?

‘We showed that it is not the omega-3s by themselves, though, it could be a combination of the omega-3s with whatever else is in the walnut oil,’ Davis said. In addition, the research demonstrated that walnuts modulate several mechanisms associated with cancer growth. ‘The energy effects from decreasing IGF-1 seem to muck up the works so the cancer can’t grow as fast as it normally would,’Davis stressed.