Watan Ko Jano: PM meets youth and children from Jammu and Kashmir


‘Watan Ko Jano’ is an initiative for the orphans, children from militancy-hit families and weaker sections of the society in Jammu and Kashmir to show different parts of the country.

‘Watan Ko Jano’ prog for JK children Narendra Modi met a group of over 100 youth and children from Jammu and Kashmir. They are currently touring different parts of India as part of the initiative “Watan Ko Jaano.”

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PM Modi’s interaction with students:  The youth and children asked a number of questions to the Prime Minister on themes such as infrastructure development in Jammu and Kashmir, sports facilities in the state, education and employment opportunities, and the Prime Minister’s work routine.

Efforts being made to improve connectivity in J&K Modi spoke about the importance of sports, and sportsman spirit among people. Modi said that working hard is never a cause for exhaustion, and completion of a task brings satisfaction, that is greater than any sense of exhaustion.