Watch Video: Hours-old baby girl found in plastic bag, cops name her ‘Baby India’


Georgia: A newborn baby girl was found tied in a plastic bag and abandoned alongside a road in the US state of Georgia earlier this month.

Police on Tuesday released a heart-wrenching and poignant footage of an officer’s body cam that showed the sheriff’s deputies in Cummings, Georgia, rescuing the baby girl.

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The girl, who was found alive by the police on the roadside on June 6, has been named ‘India’.

The cops released the footage on Tuesday in the hope of tracing the baby’s mother and have asked the public to share any relevant information regarding the case.

The news of the abandoned baby and the video of her subsequent rescue by the cops went viral on social media, with netizens using the hashtag “#BabyIndia” in their tweets and messages to help the cops in finding the baby’s mother.

Here’s the video of the body cam released by the cops.