What Bharat Biotech said on side-effects among kids after vaccination


The Indian vaccine maker Bharat Biotech on Wednesday announced that no doses of Paracetamol or pain killers were required after being jabbed with Covaxin.

The announcement further said that during clinical trials on 10-20% of the 30,000 individuals had shown side effects.

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“Through our clinical trials spanning 30,000 individuals, approximately 10-20% of individuals reported side effects. Most of these are mild and resolve within 1-2 days, and do not require medication,” the official statement read.

Their announcement comes after the vaccine maker was informed that certain vaccine centres had been recommending children three tablets of Paracetamol 500gm after being vaccinated with Covaxin.

The official statement also said,” Paracetamol was recommended along with certain other Covid-19 vaccines and is not recommended for Covaxin.”

The statement asked beneficiaries to consult a physician and only on theor recommendation can one administer Paracetamol.