Why are the VIPs allowed special entries at Baawe Waali Mata temple?


By Citizen Journalist Nikhil Bali

I would like to start with a Jaikara but my disappointment with the management at Baawe waali Mata temple has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. If you are from Jammu and you are reading it, you would know for a fact that Tuesday’s at the holy temple of Jammu’s Deity Goddess mean long queues.

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For most of us the long queues are infact an encouragement to nurture our faith in the divine since seeing so many people at the temple is reassuring. So many people at the temple walk in with the same ‘Shraddha’. The love is the same and the Jaikaras are one. Everyone together chants and prays and stands in the queue while being spiritual.

And then some seemingly unimportant people use some references or pose as important and enter from the side inconveniencing everyone who has been waiting their turn to offer their prayers to the Goddess, make commitments to the Goddess and seek blessings.

Yesterday, Tuesday was the same souring experience for me. Members of JK police were deployed alongwith some volunteers and the characteristic of bowing down in front of the Babus was evident.

Everytime a Babu came to the temple, the policemen simply allowed them to go from the side entry. Does this have to be standard practice?

When there are no official entry gates at Baawe Waali Mata Temple like the ones present at Mata Vaishno Devi then why the practice?

I am sure there are others who hate this practice. I understand that such favours are extended at all religious places across India, but can we Jammuites set an example as the first city in India which stopped extending favours to government servants?

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