Why is it that the poor in Kashmir pick up stones?


How is it that in the valley, the stone pelters are all from poor families?

How is it that it is children from the poor families who raise the Pakistan or even ISIS flags?

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Go India Go back is screamed in maximum capacity only by the poor. Why?

How is it that these poor are blinded to the universally known fact that the families of Hurriyat Leaders, more specifically children, are in safe havens and never come back?

What freedom movement do the separatists talk about when they play on – ‘My family is safe and the other children of Kashmir are entirely expendable?’

The separatists do not allow the book or a computer in the hands of a child but allegedly pay them Rs. 500 a day for stone pelting. Is that not inhuman even to those who support the Kashmir cause from outside Kashmir?

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In which hospital were the children of the rich or the influential in these past four weeks?

How is it that the priceless lives that were lost during this four week period does not have blood relatives of the Hurriyat?

How is it that these are poor children?

How is it that it is never anyone from either the separatists or the political circles who dies?

Mehbooba mufti has two daughters – One works at the Indian High Commission at London and the younger is trying her luck with Bollywood in Mumbai.

Former CM Omar Abdullah’s sons, two of them, live outside Jammu and Kashmir.

Geelani and other members of Hurriyat, all have their children outside Kashmir for higher education.

How is it that the terrorists are not born from the Hurriyat families or from among the political circles?

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Mehbooba has openly pointed this fact about the Hurriyat leaders in a recently shared video that you can watch here. She has indirectly hinted at the role of the separatists in destroying the future of little children who are 10-year-old.

Who would these children become when they grow old?

Mehbooba atleast says one thing and sticks to it unlike her predecessor who is known to have switched his statements in different regions.

Peace had just started setting in the valley and the separatists were turning ineffectual. They have been able to light a fire that would be difficult to douse. They must have found relief in Burhan Wani’s death because it made them stronger. They have used Wani’s death to get another 50 killed.

But for their egos, a Kashmir is lost again!