With J&K Govt failing on inflation people suffer because of constantly rising prices


With the state government failing to cut inflation in Jammu and Kashmir, the High Court has now issued directions to the government to keep a check on the price of essential commodities which have skyrocketed beyond comprehension. As per a high court direction, all the deputy commissioners in the state have been asked to take strict action against shopkeepers who fail to display boards showing prices of essential commodities.

The intervention by the High Court clearly shows how the state government, and department of market control has failed to check the rising prices of vegetables, milk products, and pulses which have gone beyond the pale of common man. Every where in the state prices of onions, tomatoes, and even the humble potatoes has gone upwards whereas every other eatable witnesses some price rise every week. This is despite the fact that there has been no shortage of products in the market or failure of crops or vegetables. The only reason of price rise is the operation of hoarders, and market cartels who want super profits at the cost of common man. The rich and influential are not worried much by the price hikes as they have enough money but the government will have to think about daily wage earners, and those who have fixed income.

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While disposing the PIL filed by a Kashmir based advocate, the division bench of Chief Justice N Paul Vasanthakumar and Justice Tashi Rabstan has directed the CAPD department to ensure that all retailers display price of essential commodities. The CAPD counsel also assured the court that if any retailer is found selling products higher than the price fixed by the government then action would be taken. This however needs to be implemented in letter, and spirit if any relief is given to the common man on the street.