Women from this village migrate to Jammu so that their babies do not die

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JAMMU:  The village of Sinduri is barely 15 kms away from Jammu but it takes more than two hours for the villagers to reach the nearest hospital. 
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The adjoining villages of Mobali and Kutkantha too have no connecting roads. As a result, around three thousand people are affected in the absence of a concrete path.
Inconvenience increases when someone from the village is ill and needs to be shifted to a hospital. The village has a history of patients suffering and dying after failing to get medical aid on time. The nearest road to the village is a 4 km-trek away. Patients are carried on a cot. As a result, the untoward happens before medical help is reached.
Women from Sinduri are forced to migrate to Jammu months before they are expecting delivery of a child. Women have lost their babies in the village because of mere 10-minute-delays.
According to the Government rules, there should be a road for every village with a population of 250 people. But for the 3,000 people in Sindoori and neighbouring Mobali and Kutkantha, these government rules don’t seem to apply.
It is the government’s priority to connect the villages since it is the patients who undergo trouble and are affected the most.
According to the assurances given by the Public Works Dept (PWD) Minister, Abdul Rehman Veeri, these villages will be connected “soon”.