Yesterday’s top Headlines


1. Mobile internet services barred in Jammu

Mobile internet services have been barred in Jammu on the orders of the authorities after the vandalisation incident at Aap Shambhu Temple at Roop Nagar that further led to mob protests and burning down of buses in Janipur area.

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2. Dear Jammuites, let’s not fall prey to communal politics

Jammuites, let us not forget that it was not a Muslim who has done the unpardonable at the temple. It was some idiot. Some idiot without the capacity to comprehend the results of his actions and was very likely motivated by elements that cannot stand peace because it threatens their existence.

3. Minister says the Aap Shambhu accused is mentally unstable

Hajj and Auqaf Minister Abdul Haq Khan while speaking over the Aap Shambhu sacrilege issue today said that the accused is mentally unstable.

4. ‘If the accused was mentally unstable, why was he selectively desecrating temple premises

 In an early morning press conference called by Vishwa Hindu Parishad on Wednesday, Leela Karan Sharma demanded that the arrested youth of the Hindu community be released or else various groups all across Jammu would be forced to start an agitation against the authorities.

5. Man chokes wife, throws body off cliff at Vaishno Devi

A couple who were enroute Vaishno Devi Bhawan have become the centre of controversy after the wife was ‘allegedly’ choked to death by the husband and then her body was thrown off in the hills making it look like an accident

6. JU declares B.A/B.Sc/B.Com./BBA/BCA Part-III Annual Examination 2016 result

University of Jammu today declared the result of B.A/B.Sc/B.Com./BBA/BCA Part-III Annual Examination 2016. The part 3 examinations were held in March- April 2016. 

7. Youths arrested last night after protests to be released unconditionally

 In an urgent meeting called by the government, it was decided that the youths who were arrested yesterday during sacrilege related protests are to be released unconditionally.

8. Glimpses of Janipur from earlier today

 The sacrilege act of the Aap Shambhu Temple in Roop Nagar Jammu put all of Jammu on fire and there were effects of that. The Police Public School vehicles which were set on fire along with the private vehicles are seen in these pictures.

9. Hundreds gather for Tanveer’s funeral

A young man shot dead in the Kashmir Valley on charges of being a militant was buried here on Wednesday, scores of youths attending the funeral shouting anti-India slogans, officials said.