The young and dynamic are here to change the System: Yawar Mir, 27 Yrs, MLA Rafiabad

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Yawar Mir is the newly elected MLA from Rafiabad, Baramulla. Yawar stunned many, including his own party men, when he won the Rafiabad seat by beating his arch rivals – NC and Congress heavyweights Javid Ahmad Dar and Abdul Gani Vakil, respectively.

Yawar Mir is the youngest MLA from Jammu and Kashmir in the outgoing assembly elections.


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He is 27 years of age and has completed LL.M from Nottingham University in the United Kingdom.

U4U VOICE brings to you an exclusive gateway into the mind of this highly dynamic and forward looking young gun from Jammu and Kashmir.

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Image Courtesy – Online Media Sources


Q. Sir, at a very young age you have joined politics and have also done very well in a considerably short span of time. What was your inspiration to join politics?

I was inclined towards joining politics from a very young age. I belong to a political family. Ever since I have opened my eyes, I have seen people coming to my house and my grandfather and father helping them. I have learned so much by just watching them from a very young age. To have people trust in you and walk up to you for help is a big thing in itself, especially when you can help them.

Q. Other than being from the political background, was there anything else that motivated you to join politics?

It is the way you are brought up that decides the path you take in life eventually. I was never told by my family to join politics per se. I am a lawyer and I hold a Master’s degree. I had many corporate offers but I just could not value being a part of that life. I value what my father has done for the people and I hope to do the same thing.


“I look at Ladakh as a region where people live. You need to look at people as people and not seats. Till the time they are there in J&K we have to look out for them.” – Yawar Mir


Q. People from Jammu region or people from Ladakh region complain frequently that they are neglected and it is only Kashmir that reaps all the benefits. What are your views about this?

You cannot divide people based on the regions that they belong to. I have spent considerable time in Ladakh and I have spent half my childhood in Jammu.  As far as your question on Ladakh is concerned let me begin by saying that there are problems everywhere and one needs to work upon them. There aren’t basic necessities available in places like Nubra.

Any party can help bring any changes in Ladakh only when the people there are united. There are four assembly seats in Ladakh. These seats get distributed among different leaders from different parties and thus a collective effort becomes difficult. Special attention needs to be given to Ladakh region. It has been neglected by past governments. Instead of looking at Ladakh as a region with only four seats, I look at Ladakh as a region where people live. You need to look at people as people and not seats. Till the time they are there in J&K we have to look out for them.

Q. What are the problems in Rafiabad that you personally seek to address?

The grassroots problems in Kashmir are quite different from what people outside Kashmir think. The problems prevalent here are still of electricity, roads, infrastructure. A lot has been done in Rafiabad but a lot still needs to be done. Rafiabad is divided into the lower pine belt and the higher belt. The pine belt prominently has horticulture and happens to be the Apple belt of Kashmir.

Better facilities can be provided here such that the Apple production can be increased. Roti, Bijli, Pani is still a major problem here. There are centrally sponsored schemes by our Prime Minister and hopefully they will be implemented. People over here need to see the bigger things in life, things which people like me and you take for granted but they have no access to.

Q. If a BJP-PDP alliance happens; do you think it would be beneficial for the state?

This is something I will refrain to comment on this for now. This is a decision that the party has to take. Let us wait and watch.