Zakir Musa releases new video; pays tribute to Burhan Wani


Zakir Musa the former Hizbul Mujahideen who quit the indigenous terror group in the Kashmir valley over differences with mastermind in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is back with a new video.

In a four-minute video, posted on several social media platforms, Musa has paid tribute to 22-year-old Burhan Wani who was killed by security forces in July 8, last year. The video message hails Burhan Wani as the propagator of Caliphate.

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Musa broods saying Wani laid down his life for Khilafat. “Burhan and militants did not do this for the love of country (freedom), but he laid down his life for the establishment of caliphate/khilafat. Will meet Burhan soon,” he said.

While there has been deep division within Kashmir based terror operatives, with intelligence sources saying only a handful of terrorist have lent their support to caliphate cause.

Another source in the intelligence said that Zakir Musa was being demonised for invoking caliphate least realizing Burhan was doing the same.


Musa said that people who now refer to Burhan Wani  as ‘rebel’,  ‘freedom fighter’ and even ‘bhagat singh’ had called him an Indian agent once.

He also made snide remarks against people who said that those who retorted and abused Burhan, now hail him.

The video message showed several pictures of the deceased terrorist with Musa, sending out a message of proximity between the two.

With the recent spate of terror attacks on state police, Musa again called the Jammu Kashmir Police ‘asteen ka samp’ snake of the sleeve.

He added that “they will be taught a lesson.”He also said that terrorist should avoid sharing their locations with any one and should head to jungles and hills. “Dont get pin pointed,” he told other Jihadi’s.

In an audacious move, a recruitment drive is planned on the first death anniversary of militant commander Burhan Wani.

It will certainly be called audacious if the army, police or paramilitary forces had planned it. However, they are contemplating curfew on July 8. There were even talks about imposing curfew in the region.


This comes in the backdrop of intelligence input that Musa is looking to expand his group of supporters. Musa, whose following has dwindled since his split with HM, has sent out whatsapp messages, saying he is willing to recruit 450 militants.

The recruitment which is planned for July 8 is called Tral Bharti (Tral induction). The message doing the rounds is that those recruited will be tested for physical fitness. And those who will be recruited will receive weapons distributed by Musa.

“There is heightened sense of vigil in the state and the police are taking all steps to keep law and order in check. This includes the social media platforms, where intelligence agencies are keeping a watch,” spokesperson of MHA and former DG of JK Police told Media Sources.