Zangam Pattan residents allege impurities in water supply, test confirms allegations


waterkashmirThe residents of Zangam Pattan in Baramullah district of North Kashmir are being forced to consume water with impurities over past few weeks. According to residents of this village the water they are consuming is highly impure and poses a risk to their health.

The residents here say that on boiling this water a white residue like substance is left at the bottom. The water has been tested by PHE and reports show that there are 75 percent impurities in the water, residents, say. The water is said to contain harsh chemicals which is also having a noticeable effect on the utensils the people use.

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“We don’t know how this water will affect on our body after we witnessed that it has profound effect on the utensils we use,” says a resident. There are some sections of the people here who use this water for other purposes and don’t use it drinking and cooking but there are those who have to consume this water. “Some people have tube wells so they use that but those who cannot afford it are forced to consume this water,” says a r

People here say that PHE is fully aware about this state yet nothing is being done.
Demanding an immediate action to be taken residents say that before it will lead to an epidemic government should pay us some heed.

Lubna Reshi